Consumer Alerts
Water LIne Repairs
H2O will begin Water Line Repairs on the corner on Rainbow Lake and Ridge Park this Monday, January 22nd. We will need to shut down part of the water main on Rainbow Lake and Ridge Park to complete the repairs. Estimated Repair time is 8 hrs, starting at 9 am and lasting until 5 pm. It is possible that water will be off longer. Customers whose water will be shut off received door tags notifying them of the repair on Friday January 19th.

Our new LOOK!
What do you think? Let’s explore what we have done. Rest assured we are the same great company here for you, just a new look for your bill. Now, as we explore the bill, the most important thing you need to be aware of is that you have a:

This number has changed.
(example: Acct. # 53208-XXXXX)

You can use all the same payment methods that we have had in the past. If you pay electronically through your bank or on-line you will need to make certain you have changed the number. When making a payment online or at the grocery store, the new 10 digit account number located on the payment stub in the bottom right corner (example: Acct. # 53208-XXXXX) should be used. If you are on automated ACH payments, the account number is being changed for you.

At the top of the bill you will notice the Usage Data that will tell you the billing Period, what your previous reading was, your current reading and your water usage.

Below that is the Billing Detail which will tell you what you paid the previous month and also if there are any additional charges. The next section on the bill is your New Charges. These will include your water charges along with sewer and the West Harris County Regional Water Authority charges (WHCRWA). Of course, these are all totaled for the amount due.

On the right side of the bill, you will notice your Water Use History graph. Just like the old bill, but this one will be a bit different for a while as we compile the information. This is where your monthly bill can be compared to other months.

Below that is the Message Center. Now that's pretty easy. You just need to read that to make certain you have all the current information that we might need to tell you.

You will find at the bottom of the bill you can still detach the bottom portion to return with your payment and keep the top portion for your records if you so desire. We have also included a box for address correction or message, which you can print on the reverse side

That's it! Our FRESH NEW LOOK!
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