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The Board of Directors of Harris County Municipal Utility District #208 is required to levy and cause to be assessed and collected ad valorem taxes upon all taxable property within the District in sufficient amount to pay the interest on bonds issued by the District payable in whole or in part from taxes, to create a sinking fund for the payment of the principal of the bonds when due or the redemption price at any earlier required redemption date, to pay when due the other contractual obligations of the District payable in whole or in part from taxes, and to pay the expenses of assessing and collecting the taxes, full allowance being made for expected delinquencies.

For the year 2018, MUD 208’s total tax rate is $0.4100 per $100 assessed valuation. This tax has two components, $0.0900 per $100 assessed valuation to pay the debt service requirements on District bonds (TAX LEVY FOR BONDS) and $0.3200 per $100 assessed valuation for operation and maintenance purposes (MAINTENANCE TAX).

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