Water Conservation

Harris County MUD 208 has always been conscious of conservation but we took a much more active approach largely as a result of a presentation made at a special seminar presented by the Association of Water Board Directors in 2009. The presentation was made by a representative of the conservation program for the City of San Antonio and by the Alliance for Water Efficiency. In response to the conservation topics presented we formed a conservation committee which meets on a monthly basis to focus attention on conservation issues for the board and our customers.

The initial focus of the committee was to identify areas of excessive water usage by our customers and then create programs that would help them reduce their usage ultimately saving them money. We began reviewing our historical water usage records to determine individual customers that had a history of high usage. We are currently in the process of sending letters to these customers to alert them of their abnormally high water usage compared to the average water usage of our district and that this could be the result of a leak in their water systems. We also introduced a new graphical water usage chart on every customer’s water bill that compares their water usage to the average water usage of the district. By providing this key information to our customers it is our goal that this information will empower them to proactively compare their water usage to the average and make appropriate changes to conserve water in our community.

Our research has shown that one of the major contributors to high water usage is a landscape irrigation system. This was demonstrated by significantly higher water usage during the summer months when more water is used by landscape irrigation systems. A company was found that would perform an audit of an existing landscape irrigation system, but due to the fees that were required it was not a practical solution for our customers. For that reason we decided to create our own program through our operator, H2O Consulting. H2O Consulting has a dedicated employee that has been certified as a licensed landscape irrigator. This program is currently being offered at no charge to our customers and appointments can be made by contacting H2O Consulting. Click here for H2O’s Consulting’s contact information.

Other programs are being considered for initiation in the future with a focus on saving water as well as money for our customers. If you have any suggestions, please send us an e-mail or call us. Contact information is provided in the “About Us \ Contact Us” section of this website or click here.

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