Water Outage Procedure

HCMUD 208 will inform affected residents as soon as possible if there will be a disruption of service. However, in some emergency situations where there is a disruption in service caused by property damage, there may be little or no opportunity to provide advance notice to customers. Sometimes the only notice provided to residents could be a crew working in the area.

Water Outages

Please call 281-861-6215 to report an outage. You can view ourConsumer Alerts at any time to check for scheduled water service interruptions.

During or after a service outage in your area, you may experience the following:

- Brown/discolored water
- Cloudy water/loud noises in plumbing pipes and fixtures from air in the water lines

To resolve these issues simply turn your water on at a sink or tub to flush your water lines for 5 to 10 minutes. If conditions do not improve, contact HCMUD 208 at 281-861-6215.

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