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Harris County MUD #208 is responsible for the provision of water and sanitary sewer services only. All other utility type services including storm water/street drainage are the responsibility of other governmental or commercial agencies. Harris County Municipal District #208, created in March 1981, delivers and treats wastewater for more than 1200 residential households in the Copperfield Subdivisions of Southdown Village Section 5 as well as Southcreek Villages Sections 3 through 11.

The District is located within the boundaries of West Harris County Regional Water Authority “WHCRWA” who was created to provide a supply of surface water to this part of Harris County. The District currently receives approximately 95% of our water from WHCRWA, but maintains the District’s water wells in order to supply water if emergency conditions arise.

The District is part owner of the Copperfield Regional Wastewater Plant which treats wastewater for six Utility Districts and more than 10,000 connections throughout Copperfield. The Wastewater Plant is located behind the Fire Station on Highway 6.

The District is active in water conservation and has established a Water Conservation Committee to encourage and promote water conservation. The District is a member of Water Smart and participates in the Water Wise program for 5th grade students in the neighborhood schools. The Water Conservation Committee is currently working on an irrigation audit program in order to assist their customers in conserving water , since a large portion of the Districts water is used for irrigation.

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